It all began with an Idea. The idea was to design and develop an urban infill project with art, community, and unique and rad things that you can not get anywhere else. Really its just a place we wanted to live.

Selfish? Maybe.

But there are so many uninspiring projects being built all over the country, we had to ask ourselves how we could create an innovative and inspiring project using technology to enhance the human experience and to connect people on a deeper level.

The challenges we faced bringing this idea to life were not merely physical but there were also social and mental limitations that needed to be thoughtfully organized and addressed.

That idea has grown month over month and year over year and manifested itself into the project of Essex Modern City.

Essex Modern City started as an idea and is now more than a mixed-use urban infill project. It’s a social experiment that believes that good design and technology can create a more enriching way to live. The project is an ongoing nebulous that is morphing into a community of people challenging the status-quo.  They are the authors, craftsmen and artists that will curate and write the story of the future.

It is still to be determined if Essex Modern City can be the transcendent project that forges a new era of sustainable urban design in San Antonio. But, we know one thing for sure- it’s time to try.




EMC Renders6.png





Kudos to the developer for using the space to build interest in the community. My only recommendation is - go even bigger!

— Giles Gonnsen (Local Guide)