Food, Family and Art- Essex Modern City’s Unique Event in San Antonio

It can be a struggle to find a weekend activity in San Antonio that isn’t at the same old tourist trap. In a city so full of culture, it’s surprisingly difficult to find local events that give a real sense of the people and community. It’s even harder to find somewhere you can bring the dog, the kids, AND take photos worthy enough for all of Instagram to see.  

So, what is a San Antonio to do on the weekends?

Second Saturday Nights

Far from the typical night downtown, second Saturdays at Essex Modern City showcase the authentic urban spirit of San Antonio. Every month, artists come to our urban development site where they spend hours creating breathtaking murals.  

On March 9th from 6pm-9pm, we invite everyone to enjoy the larger than life artwork along with local food trucks, vendors and free beer! It’s truly the perfect place to go out with friends and family and enjoy the modern, local culture which is so badly missing from the mainstream radar. 

The murals provide a perfect backdrop for pictures and the enclosed, outdoor setting is great for small kids who can have fun making art of their own with sidewalk chalk. If you’re looking for somewhere to bring your pet along, furry friends are also welcome at Essex Modern City.

With the art changing monthly, this event will always provide a fresh look into San Antonio’s culture.

Be A Part of the Community

When people create art, others naturally gather around to look at it. Modern Essex City started as a way to foster a community by providing a gathering space for people to do just that.  

Come take part in enjoying the creativity of San Antonio and be one of the first to join the community that Modern Essex City will become.  

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